Prestige and the G7 Summit

Back in 1997

Prestige Media Publications first undertook the official G8 publication at the Denver Summit hosted by former President Bill Clinton in 1997, the year the Russian Federation was asked to formally join the G8 club. Previous to this it was known as the G7.  This year it returns to being the G7 after Russia has been excluded from this years meetings.

The Birth of the G8 Summit Magazine

At that historic G8 Summit, Prestige Media Publications pioneered a new format for the G8 Summit Magazine. Instead of a simple schedule of events, the publication evolved into a discussion of the main topics to be covered at the G8 Summit including editorials from well-respected journalists and experts. The magazine has become a treasured souvenir and keepsake of the G8 Summit for VIPs, delegates, and the press. In short, the G7 Summit Magazine has become the “Voice of the G7” for participating nations..

G7 Moving Forward

Over the past 19 years, Prestige Media Publications has been privileged to publish the “official” magazine for all eight G8 countries in rotation. We are particularly proud to be serving in Belgium this year, publishing the official magazine for the Summit in 2014. Through our longevity and enlightening editorials, Prestige Media Publications, LLC has been able to consistently stay abreast of the policies and changes implemented by the G8 nations for the betterment of the world.

Our past writers include ex-Vice President Al Gore (Nobel Peace Prize Winner – 2007), The Economist’s Elliott Gue, Prince Charles and Crown Prince of Abu-Dhabi Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber (CEO of MASDAR Initiative) among many other prestigious writers and editors.

We are pleased to be able to donate some of our proceeds to causes associated with the G7. In the past we have made donations to the WWF, the Italian earthquake disaster in 2009 and many other worldwide causes.

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