2016 Host City of Kashiko Island,
Shima, Mie Prefecture, Japan

The Location

The 2016 G7 is being held in the Japanese Kashiko Island Shima Kanko Hotel. This is located in Shima, which is located on the southern half of Shima Peninsula in far eastern Mie Prefecture, facing Ise Bay of the Pacific Ocean. Nearby bays, Matoya Bay is famous for oyster cultivation and Ago Bay is famous for pearl cultivation. Both are sightseeing spots and most of the city is within the borders of the Ise-Shima National Park.

The Hotel

Located in the Ise Shima Nature Reserve, Shima Kanko Hotel the Classic is one of the most famous classic hotels in Japan with a 60 year colorful history. It has served the Japanese Imperial family, celebrity, and VIPs from Japan and around the world as well.

Breathtaking views from hotel of the Ago Bay surrounded by greenery of the nature reserve has mesmerized many visitors to the hotel and is still known as one of 100 best places in the country to view the sunset. Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic offer world class comforts at its 128 guest rooms and its restaurant La Mer is a popular destination of many food connoisseurs in Japan for its Abalone steak and creamy lobster soup.

Shima Kanko Hotel the Classic is just a 5 minute drive from Kashikojima station of the Kintetsu railway Line, the final station in that direction. To relax and rewind away from it all amongst nature Shima Kanko Hotel The Classic could be an ideal choice.

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